Clear Heart

Story of the name of the puzzle is quite interesting. Love Secret was created at the beginning at summer of 2006 right before dead line of the IPP Design Competition. Of course I wanted to submit it for the competition. I didnТt think a lot about the name of the puzzle and called it Love Secret. Then after the event I started to analyze what means such Love Secret: you have heart and something in it, and the object how to remove it from your heart? It is interesting secret of love, isnТt it?

In the Russian language we have specific word Уотв€жисьФ. In literal translation it means something like УuntieФ, but it has second meaning Ц to say roughly go away or leave me alone. And one friend of mine suggested me to call the puzzle this name Уќтв€жисьФ. But I thought no, it is not a good name for such beautiful shape. And then I caught completely different idea: you may remove from your heart not only feelings to someone but dirty passions, sins, vicesЕ Since that moment I call the puzzle Clear Heart.



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